16 ways SAFE protects your devices, your family and you

In the early twenty-first century, when hackers were mostly pranksters, having security software on your PC was mostly about saving you some trouble.

In 2014, international crime syndicates regularly co-opt millions of computers in order to systematically steal banking information, take identities and hold files for ransom, security isn’t about convenience. It’s about giving our families the freedom to live our lives online with out the threat of strangers invading our lives, hijacking our time and money.

An anti-virus on one PC is a good step. But who just uses one PC now? Many of us three different devices before breakfast.

That’s why they created F-Secure SAFE — it’s built to protect all the devices and all of the people in your family. The latest update of SAFE is designed to make it easier to install on infected computers for a smoother overall experience. It also gives your tools to keep your devices and family safe wherever they go.

Since SAFE is such a dramatic expansion of what our traditional F-Secure Internet Security does we wanted to cover 16 ways it protects you, your family and your devices. And to celebrate the new SAFE launch, we’re giving away one SAFE hoodie and a free year of SAFE on our Facebook page every day for 16 days beginning on September 16.

Please read the rules and enter now.

Here’s how SAFE protects you, your devices and your family:

PCs and laptops
1. Protection against ransomware
Thanks to browsing protection, F-Secure SAFE protects you against malicious software that impersonates authorities, such as Interpol or the FBI, and may block your computer, demanding ransom for unblocking it and preventing you from accessing your files until you pay. Thanks to F-Secure SAFE, all known versions of this insidious type of malware can’t get on your computer.

2. Protect your home computer in the same way your office computer is protected
Your office computer is protected by software that safeguards it against viruses and protects corporate data against theft by criminals. SAFE gives you the same options on your home computer.

3. Limit the time your children spend on the Internet.
If you think that your children may spend too much time browsing the internet or playing online games, SAFE will let you decide for how many hours they are allowed to do it every day. You can easily define in which hours exactly they connect to the Internet. If they try to go online during unapproved times, the computer will not connect to the Internet.

4. Online banking protection your bank knows you need
Do you know that most banks recommend in terms of security is using paid anti-virus software when banking online? SAFE ensures you meet these recommendations.

5. Safeguard your memories 
F-Secure Safe protects the photos and videos of your children or grandchildren against falling into the wrong hands. The built-in anti-virus application and protection against as-yet-unknown threats ensure that all of the memories collected on your computer are fully protected. Your files will never be destroyed, encoded to demand payment for decoding them, or intercepted in order to be published or to gain profit from distributing them.

6. Protect your children against adult content
Define which sort of content can be accessed by your children, whether you’re monitoring them or not.

7. Shop online without worry
Thanks to protection against spyware and browsing protection, your credit card number is invisible to criminals. Now you can relax when shopping online, booking hotels or buying air tickets.

1. Control which apps your kids can install
Keep games that involve virtual violence, sex or gambling off your child’s device with a simple setting.

2. Decide which sites your child can visit 
Even if they use tablets in their rooms, you can be sure that they visit no websites inappropriate for their age.

3. Protect your device against malware with browsing protection.
Protect yourself from phishing scams, ransomware and malicious apps that could be triggered by visiting the wrong site.

4. Keep login data and online banking passwords secure
SAFE protects your tablet against spyware that steals your bank login data.

1. Find your missing phone.
Locate your lost phone and make sure no one can access your data should your device be stolen.

2. Find your child
Check the location of your child’s phone from our simple web portal.

3. Avoid surprising charges
Are you concerned that your children may install games than require additional payments? F-Secure Safe lets you control which software is installed on their phones.

4. Block calls and text messages from unwanted numbers
Start your own “Do not call” list with this feature that allows you decide who has access to you through your phone.

5. Keep your phone malware free
More than 99 percent of all mobile malware targets Android, which is the second most targeted platform in the world behind Windows. With SAFE, you have protection from increasingly complex ransomware and trojans designed to get inside your phone then your wallet.

You can try F-Secure SAFE for free now.



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