Bomgar to Acquire BeyondTrust

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I am excited to announce that BeyondTrust is being acquired by Bomgar, a global leader in privileged access management solutions. The acquisition is scheduled to be complete in October 2018, and the integration into Bomgar will happen over the coming months.

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This acquisition is a great fit for both companies. The combination of Bomgar and BeyondTrust creates a global leader in Privileged Access Management that protects organizations against today’s biggest cybersecurity threats, while empowering them to push their businesses forward. The resulting company, which will be called BeyondTrust, will:

  • Deliver the world’s most comprehensive privileged access security solution, combining BeyondTrust’s market-leading privileged access management platform with Bomgar’s advanced privileged session and endpoint protection solutions.
  • Enhance and accelerate innovation to more quickly deliver innovative software that improves your security posture without forcing you to compromise business agility or productivity.
  • Create an expansive partner ecosystem to scale and improve how we reach and support our more than 19,000 combined customers.

I assure you that there will be no immediate changes to BeyondTrust’s products, support, or services in conjunction with this acquisition. However, if you do have questions related to this acquisition, please read the FAQ article here:

If you have any additional questions, please contact us via the website at

Kevin Hickey
President & CEO, BeyondTrust

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