Chrome 41 update includes 51 security fixes

Chrome 41 was promoted to the stable channel for Windows, Mac and Linux on Tuesday – the update includes 51 security fixes, several of which are deemed high in severity.

A researcher identified as ‘cloudfuzzer’ earned a total of $15,000 for reporting three separate high severity out-of-bounds write vulnerabilities in skia filters, but the single biggest reward – $7,500 – went to an anonymous researcher who identified a high severity out-of-bounds write vulnerability in media, according to a Tuesday release.

Other high severity vulnerabilities noted in the release include a use-after-free bug in v8 bindings, a type confusion flaw in v8 bindings, a use-after-free vulnerability in DOM, and an integer overflow in WebGL.

The update also includes several new apps/extension APIs, as well as many “under the hood” changes that should improve stability and performance, according to the release.



Via: scmagazine

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