Microsoft’s Azure cloud storage had a rough night

Disruption comes weeks after AWS’s storage platform had high error rates.

On Wednesday night into the early morning hours of Thursday Microsoft reported that its Azure cloud customers had difficulty provisioning storage resources, including in its Eastern US region.

The service disruption had a domino effect that impacted many other services too, including its cloud-based SQL database platform. The issue was first reported at 21:50 UTC and was resolved by about 6:00 on Thursday.

“Due to a incident in East US affecting Storage, customers and service dependent on Storage may have experienced difficulties provisioning new resources or accessing their existing resources in the region,” Microsoft reported on its Azure health status page. Other services impacted include: Azure Media Services, Application Insights, Azure Logic Apps, Azure Data Factory, Azure Site Recovery, Azure Cache, Azure Search, Azure Service Bus, Azure Event Hubs, Azure SQL Database, API Management and Azure Stream Analytics.

While that issue was ongoing on Wednesday at 22:42 UTC, another “underlying storage incident” occurred that impacted storage management services, preventing customers from being able to provision new storage resources or add storage to existing workloads. Existing workloads were not impacted though, Microsoft said. That issue impacted Azure Search, Azure Monitor, Azure Site Recovery, Azure Batch and Visual Studio Team Services build. The issue was resolved within a couple of hours.

This Azure storage disruption comes a couple of weeks after Amazon Web Service’s Simple Storage Service experienced increased error rates that impacted many sites across the Internet.

Microsoft says it will release a Root Cause Analysis to explain details of the situation.


via:  networkworld

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