Phantom Reaches Escape Velocity

This is a big day in Phantom’s history.  Splunk intends to acquire Phantom.

Splunk agrees to acquire Phantom ushering in a new age of analytics-driven security and IT.

Splunk has been a key partner of ours almost since inception.  Splunk’s customers are truly fanatical about their platform, just like Phantom customers are about ours.  The synergies between Splunk and Phantom are obvious.

We started the first leg of this journey at Phantom nearly four years ago with a small team who knew the mission was important, even if we didn’t realize the magnitude.

Enterprises faced a massive shortage in the number of security professionals, dozens of independent point products, a suffocating volume of security events, and rising costs.  SOC teams were simply at a loss as to what to do next.

We focused on building the strongest security automation and orchestration platform in the industry, and then evolved Phantom to also support the most important range of functions needed in the modern SOC including event and case management, collaboration, and reporting.

In that short period of time, the Phantom platform earned a place in the SOCs of the most well-known companies in financial services, technology, manufacturing, public sector, retail, professional services, energy, oil & gas, transportation, and logistics.  Companies like Blackstone, Rackspace, Uber, Alaska Airlines, and Palo Alto Networks.

Sixty percent of our customers are publicly traded.  Forty percent are on the Fortune 1000 including seven of the Fortune 50.  Seventy percent have annual revenue exceeding $1 Billion, and our customers in the financial services industry have more than $10 Trillion AUM (i.e. Assets Under Management).

Phantom is now the market leading Security Operations Platform; helping our customers improve security and better manage risk by integrating their teams, processes, and tools together.

Throughout this journey, we’ve taken a community approach to our work.  With more than 1,500 security vendors today, a community approach is the only viable way to deliver the integrations and content needed to unite existing security technologies into a single defense system.  Phantom now connects to over 1,000 APIs across more than 200 products with the number growing every day.

The Phantom Community Edition, a fully-functional version of the platform, is now shared across thousands of users as the leading approach to learn about Security Operations Platforms, test Phantom in their own SOC, and collaborate with other members of Phantom community.

A strong community is vital to the success of Security Operations Platforms, so today I’m pleased to announce the Phantom Community is growing even bigger.

The combination of Splunk’s and Phantom’s technology will help customers stay ahead of the fast-evolving threat and attack landscape by allowing them to analyze and respond quickly (at machine speed) to ever more complex threats and attacks.

Splunk_Phantom_SamplePB(Sample Playbook Showing Splunk & Phantom Addressing a Complex Malware Containment Use Case)

With this announcement, the second leg of our journey has become Phantom for Everyone!  I hope you’ll join us, and invite you to register for the free Phantom Community Edition and our next Phantom in Focus webcast on March 8th where I’ll share updates on our vision & strategy, demo the latest version of the Phantom Security Operations Platform, and spotlight recent contributions from the community.

-Oliver, Founder & CEO


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