You Can Use A VPN To Unlock Regional Content on the Amazon Fire Stick

Amazon Fire Stick is a major competitor to Google Chromecast and Roku, with Amazon diving ever deeper into the digital content creation pool. There is so much to watch on Amazon alone, and using the Fire Stick you can access all other streaming services.

Of course, the content you have access to depends on where you are in the world. If you’re not in the US, you may have a seriously limited content library, especially on Amazon. And, if you’re using an Amazon Fire Stick, having limited access is incredibly frustrating.

However, you can get past the restrictions with the right Fire Stick VPN. ExpressVPN is generally considered one of the best, and it will get you access to all streaming services, bypassing their VPN blocks.

But before you commit to subscribing to a VPN, what content is Amazon creating that makes it such an important player in the streaming industry?

The Man In The High Castle

Based on Philip K Dick’s novel of the same name, Amazon’s The Man In The High Castle is one of the most ambitious and challenging series on television. It imagines a world in which the Allies lost World War 2. The United States is split into Nazi America, the Japanese Pacific States, and a Neutral Zone between them. Authoritarian rule is as strong as ever, with rebellions brutally put down before they have the chance to make an impact.

The series focuses on characters from all sides of the political spectrum, all facing the dilemma of how to best act in accordance with the reality they’re given and their principles and ideals. There’s also the spectre of nuclear destruction looming large, with the future of the world uncertain to say the least.

Two seasons have aired so far, with the third expected later this year.

American Gods

American Gods is another one of the most ambitious shows on TV at the moment, with its genre- and mind-bending, sacrilegious storylines and themes portrayed with excellence by magnificent cinematography, acting, and unreliable narration. Based on Neil Gaiman’s novel of the same name, American Gods is a beloved American story that holds a nostalgic place in its readers’ hearts. The original Amazon series is exceeding everyone’s expectations in bringing that to the screen.


Transparent may be in trouble, considering the actor playing the character at the center of all its storylines has left the show after allegations of sexual assault surfaced. But regardless of Jeffrey Tambor’s indiscretions, the four seasons of Transparent that have already aired have had a significant cultural impact. Transparent tells the story of a family coming to terms with their patriarch’s coming out as transgender (the titular Trans Parent). The first season was released not long before Caitlyn Jenner came out as transgender, and both played a huge part in increasing the dialogue around the “T” in the LGBT community. Transgender was a word fraught with negative connotations and misunderstandings, and Amazon’s first original series really helped turn the narrative around. A 5th season, without Jeffrey Tambor, is set to be released in 2019.


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