Cortana lands role as tech support for Windows 10

Microsoft is planning to take the human out of tech support with the launch of Windows 10. New reports suggest Cortana, the virtual assistant implanted into Windows Phone and coming to desktop, will be all the tech support users need.

Cortana is already capable of over viewing the entire Windows 10 operating system, capable of tapping into programs and finding out the root cause of the problem. It can also quickly shoot a search into Bing and see if any helpful information is available.

This would be a huge advancement in tech support if Cortana can find the root issues. Microsoft could also use its cloud system to continuously add relevant updates to the tech support, making sure Cortana is up to date with new issues.

Having the virtual assistant offer tech support could be one way for Microsoft to win users, who may otherwise not use the program. Apple and Google have both had trouble keeping users active on their own virtual assistant platforms, due to a lack of useful features.

Microsoft will start off with simple queries such as “how do I connect to the internet?” and “how do I run a program?”, moving onto more complex stuff in the next few years. It is a good base to start, although it might be harder for Microsoft to make sure users will go to the virtual assistant when they need help.

Cortana is already becoming its own virtual platform with unique features Siri and Google Now do not offer, but it lacks the information Google can gather through its own services, making it limited as an assistant keeping tabs on all incoming and outgoing messages.


Via: itproportal

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