Cyber spying bug, attack plans found in Lithuania

Lithuania’s military intelligence said it last year found spying software in computers used to process information related with Lithuania’s domestic and foreign policy, as well as energy.

In a report, the Defense Ministry’s Second Investigation Department also said it had evidence about large-scale cyber-attacks plotted in Lithuania.

“Cyber incidents were reported in the cyber space in the first half of 2013, and they had to do with the spread of spying software,” reads the document.

According to the report, the discovered spying software and its latest versions are designed for collection of data stored in computers, remote administration of the infected computer, network monitoring, network identification of accounts and passwords, as well as video and audio recording.

“We established, that the spying software spread to computers that processed information in connection to Lithuania’s domestic and foreign policy, home security, energy projects, the European Union and the Lithuanian presidency of the EU Council,” the department said.

According to the document, no large-scale cyber-attacks, with the exception of the attack against the online news portal, were reported in Lithuania last year, however, “data available to the department suggests that similar attacks were planned on at least two occasions.”

The Russian intelligence technical equipment intended to intercept computer network flow and enabling to control users of social networks, perform remote control of computers and mobile devices, analyzers of wireless computer networks already allow spying, active attack (penetration) operation and other types of control of users of automated data processing systems and networks.


Via: lithuaniatribune

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