Google Brings Turn-By-Turn Directions To Offline Maps

Google just announced that turn-by-turn directions will soon be accessible from Maps even when you don’t have a data connection.

Rounding out a series of announcements about improvements to the offline experience of its major mobile apps for regions without reliable, fast wireless infrastructure, like saving search results in Chrome or the ability to save videos from YouTube, Google announced that Maps will soon provide turn-by-turn navigation for routes saved for offline use (or when you completely lose your connection in the middle of nowhere).

That’s a boon for those traveling off the beaten path or visiting countries without the LTE coverage Western users have come to expect. Since GPS doesn’t rely on the wireless network, your phone will still be able to figure out where you are as well as calculate things like time remaining or when to turn as long as you saved the route to your phone.



Via: techcrunch

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