Lokki will stop working on 26 September 2014

For those that remember:

Honey, I Lost the Kids! — 6 Tips for Knowing Where Everyone Is with F-Secure Lokki


Well, it looks like it not going to be around much longer.


F-Secure sent out the following:


Hello F-Secure Lokki users!

Thank you for choosing F-Secure Lokki, the free and private location sharing app for families and other groups. Recent updates in smartphones’ operating systems have affected the location reporting accuracy of the Lokki service. We have decided to quit the Lokki service and focus our efforts on other private and secure apps that we can assure follow our company’s quality and accuracy requirements. We will remove the Lokki app from the Apple, Google and Microsoft application stores by September 5, 2014. The service will not function after September 26, 2014. After this the F-Secure Lokki app will not report your location to other Lokki users. We will erase all your Lokki data from our servers and will not share this data with anyone. You may remove the application from your device. You can still reach the F-Secure Lokki team at lokki-feedback@f-secure.com.

If you want to continue using another location sharing app, we recommend you to check out e.g. some of the following services:  F-Secure SAFE (Android, includes also other security features), Elisa Perhe (Android), Find My Friends (iPhone and iPad), or Find My Phone (Windows Phone).

F-Secure wants to support start-ups and will transfer the Lokki technology for free to an Open Source project at University of Helsinki so that it can be freely utilized in new research projects and mobile applications. We will not transfer the current Lokki users’ data to this new project.

We want to sincerely thank all Lokki friends and we do apologize for the inconvenience caused by the service close-down. We want to compensate you all with a free 6 months PREMIUM license to our password management app F-Secure KEY. Please find attached a personal PREMIUM VOUCHER and guidance to redeem it. You can use it yourself or give it to a friend.

Kind regards,

F-Secure Lokki team


So get ready to delete the app.


I guess we will have to look elsewhere for our “Harry Potter type Marauder’s Map”.


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