Microsoft Drops A New Windows 10 Build, Promises Cortana And Xbox Improvements

Microsoft released a new Windows 10 build to the ‘fast ring’ of its operating system testing community today.

The new code, dubbed build 10547, has quite a lot to it, including improvements to the Start Menu, better Cortana coverage, and a number of app updates. In short, if you are the testing sort, there will be ample material present for you to dig into.

App Updates: The core apps that Microsoft builds for Windows 10 received a grip of updates in build 10547. Among the mix: Improvements for Groove, Maps, Calendar and Mail. The Windows 10 Xbox app also picked up some new capabilities, including ‘game progress comparison,” and improved information on what your friends are doing.

The takeaway here is that Microsoft remains set in its quick update strategy for Windows 10 in a holistic sense. Again, nothing new, but reconfirmation all the same.

Start Menu changes: If you are a real apps aficionado, you can now stick more things to your Start Menu. According to Microsoft, you can now have 2048 on your Start area, up from 512. If you can find that many apps in the world that you want, points, I guess.

Cortana: Users of Windows 10 can now use Cortana without the requirement of using a Microsoft account. I am not sure how in-demand that feature has been, but it’s now there.

What matters more than the useful changes above is that Microsoft, now some time past the formal launch date of Windows 10, continues to release builds of its new operating system that meet its promise of rapid development and deployment.

You could read that as boding well for Windows 10, in that the company is still heads-down improving its code. Or that Microsoft is playing catch up for a release that was, calendar-dictated, perhaps a bit early.

Via: techcrunch

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