OneGo Goes Nationwide With Its Subscription Plans For Unlimited Flights

OneGo promises to give subscribers unlimited flights for a monthly fee.

I first wrote about the company in June — at the time, its offerings were limited to a West Coast flights. More recently, it’s added plans covering the different regions of the United States, as well as a nationwide plan for $2,950 per month.

Founder Paulius Grigas pitches OneGo as a way for businesses to consolidate their travel expenses and make their costs “controllable and predictable.” Customers will get unlimited direct flights on major airlines, as well as perks like Gogo WiFi membership and enrollment in expedited security screening program TSA Pre. (Update: OneGo says it’s no longer offering perks because they overlap with benefits that many frequent fliers already receive.)

Under the basic plans, you must book flights at least seven days ahead of time and can’t have more than four open reservations, but you can pay extra for additional flexibility.

OneGo has now divvied up the United States into four regions — west, central, north and south. If you keep your travel to one region, the basic plan costs $1,950 per month (except for the west coast plan, which will only cost $1,500). Or, again, you can pay $2,950 and fly to major airports throughout the United States.

To be clear, people aren’t actually flying with OneGo yet, so this is basically a preview of what the company will be offering. It’s currently accepting sign-ups for its “Founding Flyers” and expects to puts its first subscribers in the air in November. OneGo is also developing an app that will allow users to make bookings from their phone.

Via: techcrunch

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