Play Lego Worlds, A New Minecraft Competitor From Lego, Right Now


When Minecraft came out, I heard a lot of people describe as sort of like virtual Lego. Now, there’s a game for which that description is even more apt: Lego Worlds, an open world building game that lets users create using virtual Lego bricks, and interact with the world as a customizable minifigure avatar.

The launch trailer for the title is above, but it’s actually already available via Steam’s Early Access program; you can get in on the beta via theĀ Steam store here, and dive into an early playable version of the game before its full-scale launch.

Even the structure of the launch resembles Minecraft; developer Mojang made early versions of Minecraft available to the community far ahead of shipping the first stable version of the game, and that prototypical launch actually paved the way for the entire concept of Steam’s Early Access program.

Lego Worlds is built by TT Games, which also creates the popular series of franchise-based adventure story titles for consoles and PCs. The game includes open-form brick-by-brick customizations, large-scale tools to modify entire landscapes without having to get so granular, and inclusion of pre-defined building sets for making virtual kits that more closely approximate the types of thematic sets Lego ships for its real-world building blocks.

Commercially-sold play sets will actually have in-game equivalents, in fact, and some of this will be exclusively unlocked for Early Access players, with more to ship after the proper launch. Multiplayer isn’t included in this version, but is planned for later updates.



Via: techcrunch

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