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You have been uploading videos to the YouTube website all this time but you are now looking to explore additional channels. Maybe you can put them on other video hosting websites like Vimeo or your Facebook page to reach an even wider audience. You can bundle the YouTube video files as an iTunes podcast that people can download and watch offline.

The important point is how do you get your original video files from YouTube for uploading to other websites? If you have been diligently storing a backup of every single video file that you have ever uploaded to YouTube, please skip reading this, else there are two “official” options.

If you head over to the creator dashboard on the YouTube website, you can download any of your website with a simple click (read how-to). The only downside with the option is that YouTube downsizes your HD videos to 480p.

There’s another option available inside Google Takeout that will not only let you download your YouTube videos in their original high-resolution but also saves the files directly to your Google Drive. Thus, you can start the download process and it will save all your files, big and small, to Google Drive in the background. Once the files are in Drive, they’ll automatically sync to your desktop that you can later upload to other video websites.

To get started, go to this custom link, click the Next button and choose Add to Drive as your delivery method. That’s it. All you YouTube videos will be zipped and added to the Takeout folder in Drive in few hours. If the total size of your videos exceeds 2GB, it will create multiple files of 2 GB each.

An in addition to original videos, the zipped files from take will also include the video descriptions as well as all your playlists in JSON format.


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