Seagate has a 60TB solid state drive now

It is, sadly, just for businesses, so slow your roll before you start daydreaming about what you’ll load onto yours. The company showed off a few new products at the Flash Memory Summit in Santa Clara, but nothing quite as jaw dropping as what the company is calling “the largest SSD ever demonstrated.”

The 60TB SSD is firmly in demonstration mode, meaning it’s sort of a “hey, look at this crazy thing we made,” though the company is forecasting a release for some time next year. When it does hit the market, it will be targeted at large scale business customers looking for a whole lot of storage for their data centers.

But just for fun Seagate’s offering up a little relatable context to help give us all a picture of precisely what 60TB means, in terms of media consumption. That all equates to 12,000 DVD-quality movies or 400 million social media-level photos, which should just about satisfy the monthly output of your average Instagram user.

According to Seagate, the technology should “delive[r] the lowest cost per gigabyte for flash available today.” No word on actual pricing, but that will likely work out to still crazy prohibitively expensive, only less so than before. Also of note is the fact that the new architecture is set to pave the way for an even more ridiculous 100TB version.

Via: techcrunch

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