SharePoint Mobile Security Solution Debuts

Fixmo and Mach 1 Partner to Prevent Sensitive Corporate Documents from Leaking via Mobile Devices — Joint solution offering combines defense-grade mobile security for Microsoft SharePoint with industry-leading document tracking and policy enforcement to mitigate external and insider threats.


Fixmo and Mach 1 Development today announced a strategic partnership that will see the two companies integrate Mach 1’s DocuTRACER(TM) technology with the Fixmo SharePlace(TM) mobile DLP solution for Microsoft SharePoint . As a result of the partnership, the companies will offer the industry’s first government-grade mobility solution for SharePoint that will enable IT organizations to digitally sign, track and trace sensitive digital documents as they move around the enterprise network, and to proactively prevent them from being moved to smartphones and tablets, in addition to desktop and laptop computers.

As a growing number of iPads, iPhones and Android -based devices proliferate throughout Government and enterprise markets, so too has the complexity of tracking the audit trail of sensitive and classified documents as they move around the network and onto consumer-grade smartphones and tablets. Even more difficult has been the task of preventing those documents from being stored on a mobile device in the first place in a high assurance and auditable manner. Through the integrated solution offering, Fixmo and Mach 1 will now enable IT organizations to easily track and audit which sensitive documents have been stored on which mobile devices, and to proactively detect and remove specific documents through a sophisticated on-device security and policy enforcement engine.

“DocuTRACER is powerful solution that enables IT organizations to track the location, movement and chain-of-custody of sensitive documents as they move between devices, users and networks,” said Paul Greene, CEO of Mach 1. “In partnering with Fixmo, we will now offer our joint customers a complete solution for securing corporate documents on mobile devices and ensuring highly sensitive information is closely tracked and controlled. This is all about helping our customers protect themselves from both outsider and insider threats.”

DocuTRACER embeds a digital fingerprint into a document when it is initially created and each time it moves or is modified, and records its associated location, movement, and chain-of-custody. It provides real-time analysis and reporting of user access, modification, and distribution of documents, and alerts managers to suspicious or unauthorized mission critical document movement, location, or use. Fixmo SharePlace is a defense-grade mobile solution for Microsoft SharePoint that keeps private corporate documents encrypted, contained and under IT control on Apple iOS and Android devices. It enables secure offline access to corporate documents while offering advanced data leakage prevention (DLP) controls and policy enforcement. The combined solution delivers a complete offering for securing and tracking documents on mobile devices, and for preventing highly sensitive documents from being accessed, stored or forwarded from smartphones and tablets.

“The heightened risk of sensitive data leakage and document theft via mobile devices has become a front-and-center issue for Government agencies and regulated markets around the world,” said Daniel Ford, Chief Security Officer at Fixmo. “Through the integrated solution with Mach 1, our customers can now be alerted when a sensitive or classified document is downloaded to a mobile device with a full suite of capabilities for securing, tracking or destroying that instance of the document. It’s a powerful solution that will help organizations embrace mobile devices while mitigating the security and compliance risks of corporate data leakage and document theft.”

Via: enterprise-security-today

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