When You Compose a Tweet, Photos Now Come First

A small Twitter update is sending a strong message regarding how the company expects users to tweet moving forward.

A change to Twitter’s iOS app on Monday automatically surfaces the user’s photo gallery instead of a keyboard when the user begins to compose a tweet. If a user does not want to include a photo, she can tap on the blank text box and the photo gallery will be replaced with the traditional keyboard.

This change is now the default for users that open a new tweet within the mobile app; users cannot change the default back to a keyboard at this time, according to a Twitter spokesperson.

Sharing photos just got easier on your iPhone – now it takes just one tap to select from your photo gallery. pic.twitter.com/Wj0m2CIrk6

— Twitter Mobile (@twittermobile) December 23, 2013

The change is a small one, but continues to prove the importance of photos to the social media company. With the success of apps that place a strong focus on photos, like Snapchat and Instagram, Twitter’s subtle change is a reminder that the company wants users to continue sharing photos, first and foremost.

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