White House reveals $100M in grants to train tech workers

With a¬†shortage of skilled tech workers looming¬†threatening U.S. “leadership in global innovation,” President Obama said the White House will pony up $100 million in grants to train and educate coders, programmers and other tech pros.

“We’ve got this incredible set of opportunities, but we’ve got to have the workers for us to take advantage of it,” Obama said in remarks to the National League of Cities conference in Washington.

Under the TechHire program, 21 regions and cities, including Detroit and Los Angeles, will work together to accelerate training programs, particularly for potential works with disabilities and individuals who don’t speak fluent English. The regions will be competing for the $100 million in grants.

Tech companies like Microsoft, Linkedin and Cisco, along with coding schools, will support the training efforts.



Via: scmagazine

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