A Look Back At 2014

2014 was an amazing year in startup news. In fact, they wrote more than 13,000 articles on TechCrunch.

Here’s all the big news from the past year.

Apple: We predict that large phones will be the next big thing.

WhatsApp: Sorry, I can’t hear you over the sound of all the $$$$.

Amazon: Remember that one time we built a phone?

Facebook: Too many apps.

Foursquare: As many apps as users.

Snapchat: There are no repercussions for
bad behavior.

Uber: There are no repercussions
for bad behavior.

Google: It only took us 6 years to make Android look good.

Aol: We’re still here.

Samsung: The next big thing was last year.


Xiaomi: C, V


Xiaomi Mi Pad and an iPad Mini Retina

Ello: Yo.

Secret: Hey! Come back! Can anybody hear me?

Lenovo: Soon we’ll own you too.

Motorola: Made in China.

Fitbit: You’re fatter than you think.

Sony: We’re still releasing ‘The Interview.’ Actually stop everything, we’re not releasing it. Actually we’re releasing it.

Spotify: Taylor Swift looks like a tall alien anyway.

John Oliver: This is how you win the Internet.


Reddit: Now the front page to the worst of the Internet.

Dropbox: Trading your privacy for 1TB of storage.

Beats Electronics: Beats by Tim Cook.

Airbnb: Remember that one time we changed our company logo to a vagina?

Oculus Rift: Now you can experience life without leaving your house.

Nintendo: New Super Smash Brothers Plus XL U!

Netflix: Hey, do you guys remember Blockbuster?

HBO: Hey, do you guys remember Netflix?

Comcast: We still don’t care about you.

Time Warner: We actually fucking hate you.

Microsoft: Actually thinking differently.

HP: Your printer ink is still low.

Yo: Yo.



Via: techcrunch

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