Last year Blizzard made what I felt was a huge mistake in scrapping the brand, which gamers have associated with properties like StarCraft and Diablo for decades. The company has now reversed that decision, in what can only be a humble acknowledgment of my wisdom in these matters.

“The technology was never going away, but after giving the branding change further consideration and also hearing your feedback, we’re in agreement that the name should stay as well,” the company wrote today in a blog post.

The reasoning in 2016 was that there was “occasional confusion and inefficiencies” from Blizzard, the game development company, and, the game launcher and matchmaking service, having different names.

I’m pretty sure that wasn’t actually a problem then, and I don’t think there’s one now. But probably to throw a bone to the marketing manager who suggested this ill-advised course of action in the first place, the service will now be known as “Blizzard”

Zug zug, but we’ll all still just call it Hopefully forever.


via:  techcrunch

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