DevOps and Cloud – The Match that Drives Today’s Businesses

When concepts like DevOps and Cloud computing come together, this powerful combination propels organizational growth at a rapid speed.

Some trends in today’s industry have helped bring about the collaboration of these two most important change agents. Let’s take a look at them here:

  1. The world is witnessing an industry-wide shift wherein we are transitioning from a product-based economy to a service-based economy.
  2. The 21st century business environment demands that companies focus on agility & innovation rather than stability and efficiency.
  3. The digital dimension has drastically begun to influence the physical dimension.

Most organizations today are beginning to realize the potential of these business transformation agents. While DevOps is a more process-oriented concept, the cloud acts as a catalyst to pace up this process.



Cloud computing complements DevOps in a way that its flexibility provisions experimentation in the DevOps process. The agility of cloud computing makes it an ideal partner to work with.

Operations-oriented companies use cloud-computing to pace up the development process and a developer’s productivity and efficiency at an individual level with cloud tools, application-specific infrastructure, and self-service catalogs.

With DevOps in the cloud, the two teams work together ,understanding each other’s language, with developers teaching operations about code, operations teaching developers about infrastructure, and security leading to a close-knitted circuit of similar thinking professionals.

The transformation from the product to service economy alongside data infusion has transformed software providers into customers who also use the services of the cloud to provision software-as-a-service (SAAS).

New-generation apps need complex technology stacks that require great effort for creation and configuration. And thanks to the cloud, these development functions are performed in a matter of minutes or hours unlike earlier times when development activity took weeks or months.


with many companies are falling prey to hacking, it is always crucial to implement security in the framework of your infrastructure.

And since DevOps and the cloud are the most utilized and most crucial platforms that drive business development, most IT professionals are incorporating security in these platforms.

DevOps professionals are embedding security as code (coming to be recognized as DevSecOps) into the DevOps framework so that future instances of security breaches are avoided, whereas in the cloud, most cloud providers equip their applications, tools, and mainly infrastructure with security measures giving customers the assurance of safe business operations. Even in the event of a security breach, options like business continuity and disaster recovery help you recover what matters the most.

  • The DevOps team should develop a self-service approach wherein professionals ensure that the speed with which the cloud delivers should not be affected by the continuation of traditional practices.
  • DevOps automation should not just be a workflow element but rather become a culture that encourages everyone to identify roadblocks and look to eliminate them.
  • And lastly, measure every process to ensure its desired outcome

DevOps is definitely a cultural transformation that is made better and achieved faster with assistance from the cloud but not without organizational support. Secondly, while It is always attractive for DevOps teams to work with the latest technology or opt for a cloud provider who offers the best price, organizations need to consider several factors within the organization to go ahead with its need for cloud adoption.

Lastly, it is not DevOps vs cloud but rather a DevOps-Cloud collaboration that drives the success of most 21st century business. DevOps tools may not be enough to meet the growing demands of a constantly changing market, but the cloud can be a wise solution for faster deployment of code and software development.

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