If your smartphone got infected, would you know?

The majority would be completely clueless, according to Promon.

Would you be able to notice if your smartphone got infected with a virus, or if it was under any other kind of cyber-attack?  If you answered Yes, you’re in the 11 per cent minority. The rest, 89 per cent, wouldn’t know if their device has been infected through a cyber-attack.

These are the results of a new survey by app security specialists Promon. The company says this spells trouble for businesses, particularly. The majority of respondents (41 per cent) thinks just avoiding public Wi-Fi when accessing business critical data was enough to keep it safe, while 27 used some sort of security apps. However, there is almost a quarter (22 per cent) of users that have done nothing to protect their devices.

“This study has shown once again that consumers need to be educated about the growing mobile threat, but much more importantly, that businesses need to have a proactive approach and focus on safeguarding their customers’ sensitive data and systems,” commented Lars Lunde Birkeland, Head of Communication at Promon.

Almost half (43 per cent) of respondents relied on passwords to keep their smartphones safe, the report said, despite security experts’ warnings that they usually aren’t enough. The number of mobile viruses and other malware is also rapidly growing.

“This highlights the urgent nature of the problem. With the number of mobile vulnerabilities on the rise and users so unaware of the dangers, businesses are caught in the middle of the battlefield, and it is their own reputations that are at stake,” said Birkeland.


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