LinkedIn launches new educational site LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn has announced its new educational site LinkedIn Learning which takes advantage of its $1.5 billion acquisition of

LinkedIn, the career-focused social network with 450 million users, has announced that it will be branching off from job hunting and recruitment into education with the launch of its new site LinkedIn Learning.

In April 2015, the company announced that it would acquire the online education company for $1.5 billion. At that time, LinkedIn’s CEO Jeff Weiner revealed that the company was working towards bringing job seekers closer to the jobs and careers they envisioned in their futures.

Now, a year and a half later, LinkedIn has utilized the content and around 9,000 courses from to launch its own e-learning portal that is tailored to individuals but also offers a means for businesses to further train their employees.

LinkedIn Learning offers courses in a variety of subjects including business, technology and creative topics. The new site has plenty to offer users interested in learning anything from programming skills to accounting and it will likely resonate with the social network’s large user base.

Employees will be able to select which courses they would like to take on the site while employers will be able to recommend useful courses to their staff. HR managers will be able to take advantage of LinkedIn’s analytics products to monitor employee progress and to see what courses are being taken by the site’s users in order to gain a point of reference.

LinkedIn education will be available to LinkedIn premium subscribers and they will be able to access 25 new courses every week. The company also plans to release an enterprise tier, so that large organizations can make LinkedIn Learning available to their entire employee base.


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