Windows 10 gets even more ads: Here’s how to disable them all

Users report promos for OneDrive have been added to Windows 10’s File Explorer, here’s how to ensure you never see these or most other ads in the OS.

Windows 10 already shows users ads on the lock screen and the Start Menu, but now Microsoft appears to be promoting its services via Windows’ File Explorer.

Various Windows 10 users are reporting seeing adverts for Microsoft’s cloud storage service OneDrive while browsing files on their machine.

The ad, shown in the screenshot above, offers 1TB of OneDrive storage for $6.99 per month, and is technically a ‘sync notification’, designed to let people know they can get more than the 5GB of free storage that comes with a Microsoft account.

Ads for apps and services are already shown throughout Windows 10, and can be found on the Start Menu and lock screen.

The introduction of promotions to File Explorer has been heavily criticized by some Microsoft watchers, and marks a widening of advertising to new areas of Windows 10.

Most of the ads in the Windows 10 are pitched as suggestions for apps and services that might appeal to the user, and some users don’t appear to notice them.

But to some they are intrusive, and if they are offensive to you there are steps you can take to remove them. Follow the video guide above to ensure you won’t see these ads again.


The OneDrive/Office 365 promotions appearing in Windows 10 File Explorer are technically ‘sync’ notifications.

Image: Tall_Ships_for_Life/Reddit/Microsoft


via:  techrepublic

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