PayPal’s New App Lets You Make Purchases Even If You Forget Your Wallet and Order Ahead at Restaurants

PayPal’s mobile app redesign focuses on relieving common pain points of the consumer purchasing experience, like getting stuck in long lines or trying to flag down your waiter for the check.

PayPal has made some significant upgrades to its iOS and Android mobile apps that push the company’s agenda to become your go-to mobile wallet. Many of the app’s new features are designed to relieve specific painpoints in the consumer purchasing experience, such as when you forget your wallet, get stuck in a long line, or can’t flag down your waiter for the check when you’re in a hurry at the end of a meal.

The new app relies on a Foursquare-like check-in system. When users check into a business, their name and photo subsequently pop up in the business’s payment system. From there, the customer has several options as to how to use their PayPal mobile wallet. For example, one option lets you place and pay for an order ahead of time, so you don’t have to wait in a line. Another option lets you pay for restaurant bills straight from your phone, including tip, so you can walk out on your own without wasting time trying to get the check.

PayPal Mobile App Lets You Order Ahead at Restaurants

With PayPals update to its iOS and Android apps it has added the ability to order ahead from restaurants.

That feature, which PayPal had tested earlier this year, was made possible through a partnership with Eat24. About 1,000 restaurants will offer the service.

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