PCI Council Loses $600K in Revenue, PO Population on the Decline

Last year I released a blog post and a GitHub repository with some code to calculate how much money the PCI Council brings in annually, with an estimation of lifetime revenue. There are some MAJOR assumptions in there that can swing the revenue in either direction. And, of course, there are already new programs that the Council will happily charge for that have been released since my initial commit (3DS Assessors, 25 of those with each individual consultant paying $1,400 per exam). I’ll work on that soon.

I was meeting with some industry people this week and thought I’d check up on the old numbers to give the package a refresh. As it turns out, the number of Participating Organizations is on the decline. Seven months ago there were over 950. As of today, there are 791.

That represents a 17% decline over the last seven months, or $600,000 of annual revenue.

Some other changes of note:

  • PFI companies down 18% from 22 to 18.
  • QSA companies up 3.5% from 368 to 381.
  • QIR companies up 30% from 346 to 450.
  • ASV companies down 10% from 112 to 101.

Once we get more details on the number of 3DS consultants, I can update that part of the program fees as well.



via:  brandenwilliams

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